I guess you know that Apple has released a long rumored product last week: the iPad. Many have said that this the best device ever created, but in fact, the Apple tablet is just a huge disappointment. Here’s why I won’t buy it and why you should hold yourself from getting Apple’s latest device.The iPad is indeed just “an iPhone on steroids.” Have you seen all of those Apple tablet renderings before the launch? Some of them were great and a giant iPhone or a giant iPod (if you prefer it this way) is just ugly. There are and there will be more beautiful tablets on the market.This is a tablet PC. It’s a computer and you cannot run simultaneous apps? What if I want to browse the web, tweet, check email, and listen to music in the same time? I won’t be able to do that.I’d like a tablet PC with a webcam for video-conferencing calls, but Apple has said “No!” once again to a front-facing camera. Also there isn’t a camera on the back, even though it would be awkward to take pictures holding up a 9-inch device.HTML5 is becoming more and more popular, and some browsers support it, but Adobe Flash Player remains the web standard if you want computer-like browsing experience. The Nokia N900 has it and the Mozilla-based Maemo browser is probably the best mobile browser in the world. Users WILL to read newspapers on the iPad and I’m sure they’ll also want to watch some YouTube videos, but… you know the story. There’s an app for that too…The Apple iPad is expensive and you cannot use regular connectors from your other devices. You will have to use some expensive Apple stuff. A physical keyboard is not included in the package, you’ll have to buy it yourself. Want a camera? Pay for it! Can you buy a conventional camera? No, you have to buy Apple’s camera connection kit. The iPad case is also not included in the package so this means that you will have to dig deep into your pockets.The iPad requires a micro SIM card in order to use the 3G network. You can’t use your conventional SIM 3G card and you’ll have to buy another one only from AT&T

The iPad.Good for school,or a catastraphy?

According to the Los Angeles Times,”Several school districts across the country providing students with free laptops during their tenure, a cheaper and perhaps more practical solution could be to supplant computers with iPads. Some schools are already planning to dole out Apple’s new tablet computer, as others debate doing the same.” The lightweight gadget — “1.5 pounds is fabulous,” Lynch said — is about a third of the heft of an Apple laptop. “That’s instead of 52 pounds of books,”

 Schools could stick a wireless keyboard or iPad Keyboard Dock in each kid’s desk, and suddenly, the tablet device becomes a capable computer, perfect for banging out long essays.

Most consumers said they’d consider an iPad to use as a portable work device, according to a recent Sybase survey. If teachers can get their homework assignments onto their kids’ favorite gadgets — a device that they’d presumably carry with them to most places — perhaps students would be more inclined to actually read “Catcher in the Rye” — or pull up the SparkNotes in their Web browser.

The iPad lacks a webcam, which means schools couldn’t give into the temptation of spying on students remotely, as was the case recently for a Philadelphia-area high school. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

In the first paragraph everything they said about it was awesome!One thing is that are they able to take it home and like play on it ? They are right students could stick to a wireless keyboard but I wouldn’t.

“I’m a big fat ipod hater, so if you love your ipod please ignore what follows…..

ipods are not good, and if you buy them to for the image, you are even worse… There exists many, many devices which are much much better than the ipod, for instance my own creative zen touch, it stores more than a 20 GB ipod, it takes more file formats, its MUCH more reliable (oh, is that a scratch on your ipod? got it last week did you? oops i dropped my zen touch, again, yeah i’ve had it for a year now, not the slightest scratch and no crashes!”)

I can’t stress this enough, the ipod is not a good player, it looks like a good player, if you really do listen to music, if you want to have high quality music, if you want longer battery life, if you want something that won’t break for years, if you want ONE WHOLE BUTTON dedicated to random (you heard me, just hit this button and you get a random selection of your entire library), then stay away from the ipod, it won’t do any of those things. “